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Jean-Philippe Duboscq

Born in 1960, Jean-Philippe Duboscq lives and works in Brussels. Graduated from the ENSAAV, LaCambre, in Brussels, he started his pictural researches with gunny, pigments, pumice stone and sand. In the end of the 1990s, made a radical change, the architecture of his paintings and drawings seems torn, suspended, mobile.

In Duboscq's current work, we feel a will to bring pictorial matter as close as possible to the physical constraints and to free himself from control and from composition in order to give room to the unexpected. This can be seen in both his fluid and diaphanous backgrounds made from paint runs and absorption, and in his brisk and bold writings. His intuitive movements lead him to resistance, deviations. A kind of distortion of the form of which the subject is painting.

The artist creates a world in a bebop tempo, blurred, made of saturated colours and syncopated rythms, of which the space in perspective opens to an internal light.