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Just like a Dream - 2015
Follow me - 2015
The Swan - 2015
La Fille au Poisson Rouge - 2014
The Flood 1 - 2013
The Flood 2 - 2013
The Flood 3 - 2013
Freedom 5 - 2013
Stellar Nudes 1 - 2012
Stellar Nudes 7 - 2012
Dream 1 - 2013
Iceberg 1 - 2013
Rebirth 7 - 2012
Rebirth 9 - 2012
Bring me Back - 2014
Enchainee - 2014
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Harry Fayt is a young Belgian photographer whose work focuses primarily on aesthetic research related to the theme of water. Like many artists both past and present, the female figure, epitome of beauty, fascinates, influences and guides him in his artistic evolution. He has chosen to photograph the female figure in water, a natural and vital component of life, pure and complex. Series after series, new elements are integrated, with each experiment inspiring the next, so as to finally, as though an alchemist of beauty, achieve aesthetic transcendence… Beauty in it purest form.

For some reasons yet to be discovered, since he’s 4, Harry Fayt never liked to swim at the surface, as being underwater would be a second nature for him. In this kind of photography all falls within the challenge: the technical, security, models, scenery. It is a constant battle done of creative stratagems for Harry Fayt and his team. The larger the project, the more exciting it is.

In its nudes he seeks for beauty, purity a certain angelism. He likes to magnify the female body, seeing it evolve without any external pressure, no resistance. The body, its curves, curves as it is impossible to see otherwise. In all his work, his motto is to create the improbable, the non-existent and arouse curiosity...