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Born 1954.
The cinema years... After I write and direct a short film in Paris, I am the scriptwriter of the feature film : "Moi, Fleur Bleue" starring Jodie Foster, Jean Yanne, 1977, followed by New York University Film School, 1978-1981, when I write and direct a handful of vignettes, 3 to 4 minutes films plus an average 10 minutes short film for graduation. My majors were directing, cinematography and camera work.

The record industry years... Upon returning to France, my life takes a dramatic change when I write the lyrics and produce the band Chagrin d'Amour, we cut two albums, and our biggest hit will be: "Chacun fait c'qui lui plaît", #1 record in France, Belgium, Canada... A platinum record, third or fourth best sell of the eighties in France. This will be followed by various lyrics writing for Michel Delpech, Jacno, Malcolm MacLaren. I am also a music Publisher in Jazz and African music. I am the lyrics writer and co-publisher of the album "Secrets glacés" for Alain Chamfort (1985). To end those years, I am the lyrics writer, Publisher and producer of "Trampolino" for singer Atlantique in 1991.

The Cambodian years... Hand in hand with Cambodian-French wife, we move to Phnom Penh and will basically live in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, for the following ten years. There, I write short stories for French literary revue "Bordel" in Paris. Documentary photographic work following the lives of a group of prostitutes. This very dramatic piece of work is yet to be published, my level of empathy has yet to diminish to allow the necessary editing. Besides, I am the writer of the first and only season of "Krousa Sabou", cult national Cambodian tv sitcom, still occasionnaly aired.

The photographic years, 2006-today. Personal work only. Various exhibitions with instant films photographers. Solo exhibition May 2012, June 2013, Myriam Bouagal Gallery, Paris. Various publications in TicKl magazine, Mammoth Book of New Erotic Photography #4, Poladorium 2015, Raw Beauties 2015 (Netherlands). Numerous interviews and publications on instant/analogic photography blogs. A book of Polaroid portraits in the making in France by Rue du Bouquet Publishing. An art book and an exhibition in the making on my latest "pornopovera" series, concentrating in unique emulsion transfers on watercolor paper and original Polaroid pictures. Latest auction sale in Cornette de Saint Cyr, Bruxelles: